Civil Aircraft Agreement Wto

In order to break this deadlock, end this dispute and eliminate any justification for the US to impose tariffs on EU goods, Airbus decided in July 2020 to amend the French and Spanish A350-RLI agreements to the benchmarks that the WTO deems appropriate for interest rates and risk assessments. In doing so, Airbus has shown that it has spared no effort in finding a way to find a solution. The U.S. Trade Representative`s office argues that the penalty imposed on the EU should be further reduced and that the EU has “no legal basis” to impose tariffs on U.S. imports, including civil aircraft. 1.2 For the purposes of this Agreement, “civil aircraft” means (a) all aircraft that are not military aircraft and (b) all other products referred to in Article 1.1. 4.2 Signatories may not require an airline, aircraft manufacturer or other entities operating in civil aircraft not to require them, nor may they exert undue pressure on them to obtain civil aircraft from a particular source, which would result in discrimination against suppliers by a Signatory. (c) all other parts, components and sub-assemblies of civil aircraft which offer their civil aircraft activities a fair and equal opportunity to compete and which wish to offer their manufacturers participation in the expansion of the global civil aircraft market; 8.7 If a Signatory considers that its commercial interests in the manufacture, repair, maintenance, reconstruction, modification or conversion of civil aircraft have been or are likely to be affected by measures taken by another Signatory, it may request a review of the matter by the Committee. Following such a request, the Committee shall meet within thirty days and consider the matter as soon as possible with a view to resolving the issues in question as soon as possible and, in particular, before such matters are finally resolved.

In this context, the Committee may, where appropriate, take decisions or make recommendations. . . .

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