Fast Track Agreement With China

Wang Wenbin: French President Macron and other French leaders have often said that they will not take discriminatory measures against certain countries or companies on the issue of 5G, and that they exclude even less Huawei. In the 7th High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue between China and France, which has just concluded, both sides reaffirmed that they would encourage companies in all countries to participate in the development of 5G, in accordance with market and security principles. In the current absence of public written documents for such a rapid visa application process, the employer in China can go directly to the district level of the government authority to obtain physical control for its foreign employee. According to Mr. Zhao, the agreement is an active measure aimed at improving staff exchanges and speeding up the return to work and activity. 1) The company (foreign or Chinese) must apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FAO) or the local authority to which it is normally seized. For example, if the company is headquartered in the Huangpu district of Shanghai, you can apply to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (SCOFCOM), Huangpu District or the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Huangpu District, etc. The suspension is a temporary measure that China has been forced to take due to the scale of the epidemic and public health standards in other countries. But while the situation is fluid, China is in contact in the centre of the world and allows cross-border movements to exchange personnel in particular circumstances. 4) The guest`s visa application to the Chinese embassy or consulate is subject to other requirements that depend on the bilateral rapid monitoring agreement between China and the country concerned. A general requirement is that the worker did not travel to a high-risk country within 14 days of departure and that a nucleic acid test should not take longer than the period indicated in the fast track agreement (for example.

B 48 hours for Germany and South Korea 72 hours). As of May 1, 2020, Korean nationals travelling to China for business reasons can qualify for the “Fast Track” channel.

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