Enterprise Rideshare Driver Agreement

Messages. You can disable the reception of advertising or advertising messages by sending the word END to 46080 from the mobile device that receives the messages via SMS. You can also disable the reception of all Lyft texts (including transactional or relational messages) by sending the word STOPALL to 46080 from the mobile device that receives sms messages. Note that disconnecting the reception of all texts may affect your use of the Lyft platform. Drivers can also disable driver-specific messages by writing STOP in response to a driver SMS. To reactivate texts, you can text START by SMS in response to a churn confirmation SMS. These Terms of Use are a legally binding agreement (the “agreement”) between you and Lyft, Inc., their parents, subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, senior executives and administrators (together “Lyft,” “us” or “our”) that regulates your use of the Lyft application, website and technology platform (together the “Lyft platform”). The pilot`s information. When you apply as a driver, we collect the information you provide in your application, including your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, profile photos, physical address, government identification number (for example.

B social security number), driver`s licence information, vehicle information and car insurance information. We collect the payment information you provide us, including your banking codes and tax information. Depending on where you want to drive, we can also request additional business licenses or authorization information. We may need additional information from you, at some point, after you have become a driver, including information to confirm your identity (such as a photo). The Lyft platform offers a marketplace where people looking for transport to specific destinations (“Riders”) can be combined with means of transport to such destinations. One of the possibilities for drivers is to ask rideshare drivers to travel to or cross these destinations (“runners”). Drivers and drivers are collectively referred to as “users” and the transportation services provided by Drivers to Riders are called Rideshare Services. As a user, you allow Lyft to compare yourself with a driver or driver based on factors such as your location, estimated pickup time, your goal of cross-referencing data and platform efficiency, and canceling an existing match and a rematch based on the same considerations. Any decision by a user to offer or accept rideshare sharing services is a decision made at that user`s sole discretion.

Each rideshare service provided by a driver to a driver is a separate agreement between these people. As a driver on the Lyft platform, you recognize and believe that you and Lyft are in a direct business relationship and that the relationship between the parties under this agreement is exclusively in accordance with the independent parties. You and Lyft expressly agree that this is not an employment contract and does not establish a working relationship between you and Lyft; and (2) by this agreement, no joint venture, franchisor, partnership or agency relationship is planned or created.

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