Educational Services Agreement Sample

A. Exclusive agreement. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the College and FIT. i. Finance. For example: `Developing Payroll Plans` -Choose Benefit Packages – Determining Retirement Options – Budget and Financial Forecasts – Cash Management – Accounting – Account Vote – Managing all federal, regional and communal grants – Purchasing – All other functions traditionally performed by the Office of Business Services of a Public School F. Other sources of income. In order to supplement and improve the school support provided by the State of Michigan and to improve the quality of education, the Academy and the FIT are working to obtain income from other sources. In this context: 1. The Academy and/or TRG acquires and receives scholarships and donations corresponding to the mission of the Academy.

(2) The Academy and/or the FIT may apply for and receive scholarships on behalf of the Academy, with prior authorization from the Board of Directors. (3) To the extent that this has been authorized by the code and approved by the Academy Board, TRG may charge students a fee for additional services such as summer and post-school programs, athletics, etc., and the non-Academy will document this obligation through a separate agreement in accordance with applicable law. F. Student recruitment. The FIT and the Academy are jointly responsible for the recruitment of students, subject to the agreement on the general recruitment and admission policy. Registration by or for students is voluntary and in writing. The selection of students is carried out according to the procedures defined in the Academy`s contract and in accordance with the Code and other applicable laws. A.

Authority. The Academy represents the statutory representation to enter into contracts with private institutions and for the establishment, education and management services. The Academy also believes that a contract has been awarded by the University Board to organize and manage a public school academy in Michigan. The Academic Council has all the powers of the applicable law for the implementation of the training programme under this agreement.B. The contract. As part of and in the exercise of this power, the Academy herely enters into contracts with TRG, to the extent permitted by law, in order to provide all functions related to the provision of educational services and the management and operation of the Academy, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the Academy Contract. The FIT must comply with all contractual conditions as long as TRG provides services on behalf of the Academy. C status of contracting parties. TRG is a for-profit corporation and not a department or part of the Academy.

The Academy is a corporatizing and governmental body authorized by the Code and is not a department or part of FIT. The relationship between TRG and the Academy is based exclusively on the terms of this agreement. There is no provision in this agreement that affects the Academy`s Board of Directors under the contract or applicable law, and the Academy`s obligations under the contract must not be restricted or made impossible by an act or inaction of the status of contractor-independent TRG.D. The parties to this agreement intend that the relationship established by this agreement is that of an independent contractor and not of the employer and the worker. No TRG representative or collaborator is designated as an officer or employee of the Academy unless the Academy has expressly confirmed it in writing. Notwithstanding the above, TRG and some of its employees are referred to as “school officials” in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C 1232g, to allow them access to educational materials. This designation is made by appropriate measures taken by the Academic Council.

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