Agreement Disagreement Exercise

The notes are superb, but the exercises have some grammatical errors. Perhaps we must express our consent or opposition to a person`s action or attitude. So it`s much better to do it right! Dear Grade XI students: Here is the summary of the concordance and divergence in the previous discussion. To express consent or disagreement, you can use the following terms: Disagreements with negative statements are always considered honest and sometimes courageous with yes pronoun – auxiliary verb. – I don`t agree with you. – I`m sorry, but I don`t agree with you. – I`m afraid I don`t agree with you. – The problem is that… – I (many) doubt that (if)… – It`s totally at odds with… – With all due respect,… – I don`t agree because…

– I can`t share this /this / the point of view. I do not agree with that idea. What I am saying is that I have thoughts about it. – It`s more than that. The problem is that… I think…. 8. Please have a little more fried chicken. – .

(Refusal.) (Exact) (False) . 6) Tom: What do you think of our new batik uniform on Friday? You can also accept, but with reservation, especially when there is a doubt or feeling of not being able to accept something completely. Vivi:……………………………………… 1. You don`t like it. Yes, that`s what I do. 2. “She doesn`t have a job.” “No, that`s not the case.” 3.

“It`s a great movie.” No, that`s not it. 4. Rocky can`t swim. Me neither. 5. She wasn`t late, but it was you. 6. He`s drunk.

“No, it`s not him.” 7. He speaks German very well. That`s how I can. 8. `He`s not coming back.` “Yes, he will.” 9. `I didn`t break it. Yes, that`s what you did. 10. Tom was not there.

It was not his brother either. 11. I loved the movie, but not my brother. 12. You don`t know him. “Yes, that`s what I do.” At every moment of our daily lives, perhaps we must express our opinion and we should not abstain from it! 7. Do you want another piece of chocolate cake? – . (Accept) (Exact) (False) It was a great party! – I could no longer agree. (Okay. (Exact) EXERCISE 1 Choose the right answer for the following questions. The affirmative supplements to the positive remarks are made with this help – Pronoun. .

Finish the next dialog box with your own opinion using the above expressions. 3) No: Smoking should be allowed in public places. 7. Mother: Television has a bad influence on children. – It`s partly true that… – It`s true, but… I cannot agree with reservations. – It`s obvious, but… – It`s not as simple as it sounds.

– I agree with you, in principle, but… It sounds obvious, but… under certain circumstances… 4) Alex: What is your opinion on the idol singing contest today? 5. Tanaka: Did you hear that Mr. Chan was promoted to area manager? Father: That`s exactly what I think. We should limit their time for television. The appropriate expression for the sentence above is … .

. – I fully/absolutely/completely agree with you. . Jane: Yes, …………… I like the model. Next year, we`d better order again. It`s the worst movie we`ve ever seen. – I wouldn`t say that.

(Disagreement) (Exact) 2. Chen: I`m thinking about going camping in the next vacation. How do you feel about that? I don`t think there are many other constructs where learners often make mistakes… or the same kind of errors as that of this verb! Sam: I`m afraid you`re wrong. It has become popular, even high-level people appreciate a lot of dangdut. You agree with the NOD… They shake their heads to disagree… I) HOW TO DO YOUR ACCORD TO EXPRESS: I agree with you! Bob: No, ……… Because it`s better than the previous one. 5) Mickey: Teachers should not do their homework to students.

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