Tronox Cristal Merger Agreement

” (Titanium dioxide) is one of many products used by consumers,” said Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Competition Bureau. “This agreement will benefit from a competitive market that will ultimately benefit consumers in the form of lower prices and higher quality products.” View original content for multimedia Looking Ahead: Tronox can get involved with the commission as a whole; However, the contract with Crystal expires in March 2019. STAMFORD, Conn., March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tronox Limited (NYSE: TROX) (“Tronox” or the Company), a global inorganic mining and chemical company, today confirmed that the proposed acquisition of the titanium dioxide business (“TiO2”) from the National Titanium Company Dioxide Limited (“Cristal”) will be subject to federal trade commission review. FTC staff joined Tronox in withdrawing the case from the decision and asked the Commission to review the project through the proposed remedy. In addition to the application, the bid to the Commission consists of proposed contracts for approval of the transaction, including an agreement with approval decisions, an asset retention decision and order, as well as a final agreement on the sale of Cristal`s North American operations to INEOS Enterprises, a division of INEOS (“INEOS”). All proposed orders were executed by the parties. The transaction, which was sealed on the proposed divestment, received broad support from American crystals and tronoxs. In its merger agreement with Cristal, Tronox again has an imminent termination date (March 2019). Tronox negotiated for more time, but it may not have been enough. If the parties oppose a further extension, Tronox may have no way to save the agreement. Conference call presentation films are used during the conference call and are available on our website at Additional Information and where to find them.

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