Trainee Exchange Agreement Con Suiza

For a Filipino who wants to become an intern in Switzerland, he must find an employer. Employers may require trainees to master the official language of the canton in which their institution/company is located (German, French or Italian). You are therefore entitled to a maximum of 18 months of internship in a Swiss company (or several companies for shorter periods, provided the total duration does not exceed 18 months). As far as remuneration is concerned, your monthly salaries are based on those of the canton where you have settled and on arrangements (such as a collective agreement) for your profession. – Guide for young people (apprentices) (PDF, 92.56 KB) “If you want to take vocational training in our country (Suiza), it is essentially your responsibility to find a vacancy for apprentices.” It is an agreement signed in 2002 between the Philippines and Switzerland, which allows the exchange of apprentices between the two countries with 50 apprentices per year and per country. Estoy a punto de terminar mi carrera, egreso en diciembre, y me interesa saber que proceso debo seguir para, primero que todo buscar traineeship en suiza y luego tramitar la visa ya que entiendo que no puedo gestionarla si no cuento con una oferta de trabajo. por favor vuestra orientaciĆ©n al respecto. Diaspora Participation By facilitating additional investment and trade in Tunisia through the transfer of skills, there is a closer interaction between investment and SMEs. Partnerships will be established with private sector players such as financial institutions. The program provides for various mechanisms to facilitate the flow of financial resources.

New products and services will be developed and adapted to the skills and capabilities of the diaspora so that they can significantly increase their investments in Tunisia`s development. Institutional platforms are identified for the inclusion of the diaspora. Private initiatives in Tunisia are identified and strengthened, exploiting the ability of the diaspora to meet the country`s needs. Promoting the circular migration of young Tunisian talent The second line of intervention focuses on promoting the emigration of young qualified Tunisians who have recently completed their studies or are still in vocational training. Support structures and mechanisms for the well-being of young workers as well as partners in Switzerland and Tunisia (professional training institutions and the private sector) will be put in place for the implementation process. The aim is to bring young and qualified Tunisians into Swiss companies on the basis of the exchange agreement with Tunisia for young professionals. They gain professional experience and, upon their return to Tunisia, will improve their employability and contribution to the Tunisian economy. – Standard employment contract with training programme (PDF, 33.62 KB) Since 2002, only about 20 trainees have been sent from the Philippines to Switzerland, mainly in technical fields, and there was only one (1) apprentice from Switzerland to the Philippines. Pero la verdad me gustara si hay alguna pĆ©gina dedicada a reclutar trainees para esta visa? To qualify as a young professional, nationals of these countries must have received vocational training or have a corresponding degree. The agreement with Canada also allows students for work stays related to their training, while the agreement with Japan only allows graduates.

Age limit: 35 (exceptions: Australia, New Zealand and Russia: 30 years).

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