Quadrilateral Traffic In Transit Agreement (Qtta)

The security of the link is well ensured by the transport authorisation system, which is non-transferable and is limited to 200 quotas per contracting party. Only vehicles with valid documents, including authorization, certificates of accreditation and fitness and driver`s license, may enter and carry transit traffic into the territory of the contracting parties. Approval per vehicle is granted for certain dates. Approval applies to vehicles for travel, including return loading. control agency authorities to verify documents relating to vehicles made public by contracting parties. Uzbekistan is requesting membership of the four-party transit traffic agreement (QTTA), a transit trade agreement between Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, to facilitate the passage of goods and traffic. The QTTA is a transit trade agreement between Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to facilitate the passage of goods and traffic. A road project under the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor will provide access to Pakistani ports to China and Central Asian countries. Pakistan`s support is essential if the Central Asian country is to join the agreement.

Pakistan plays a central role within the QTTA because of its geostrategic location, its ports of Karachi and Gwadar, which will be used for commercial operations, and the alternative route it offers because of the Karakorum Highway. That is why Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Sardor Umurzakov has made a formal request to ask for Pakistan`s support for accession. Pakistan responded well to this request, with Prime Minister of Trade Adviser Razak Dawood ensuring Pakistan`s support for Uzbekistan in QTTA. The strategic importance of the QTTA project has been reinforced by the implicit failure of the Afghanistan-Pakistan agreement in transit trade. Afghanistan insisted that India be included in its bilateral transit trade as a condition of Pakistan`s access to Central Asia and even threatened to terminate the agreement if it was not retaliated 20. Pakistan`s tensions with India have made the agreement difficult. The Four-Party Transit Traffic Agreement (QTTA) (معاہدہِ چار – ٹریفک ) is a transit agreement between China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to facilitate transit traffic and trade. In February 2017, Tajikistan expressed interest in joining the agreement. [1] A similar desire to join the agreement was expressed by Uzbekistan in May 2020[2] The first work on this road project was launched in 1995.

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