Break Gains Loan Agreement

Any advance payment under this agreement is accumulated with interest accrued on the amount paid in advance and subject to payment of any break fees in accordance with paragraph 22.4 (break costs) or repayment of break gains referred to in paragraph 22.5 (Break Gains) or payment of the benchmark swap transaction value in accordance with point 22.6 (benchmark transaction value) , without a premium or penalty. If a loan or unpaid amount is repaid or paid in advance in full or part of a day that is not the last day of an interest period for each lender, as soon as it is reasonably possible, after receiving such a deposit, to make available to the agent a certificate confirming the amount of these loan or break gains (if any). All of these break gains are applied by the Collateral Trustee in agreement with the DPP. Each lender must present a certificate confirming the amount of its break costs or break gains (if any) for each interest rate period. The borrower has the right to be credited with all margin gains resulting from this down payment. If the agent receives a notification under this term 6, he immediately sends a copy of that notification to the borrower or lenders.

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