Af Enterprise License Agreements

Carahsofts` wide choice of calendars, contracts and sales contracts makes getting the solutions you need quickly and easily. Why Adobe products? – Does it offer DoD-certified deployments – interoperable data collection – significantly expands content delivery functions (Web, Print, Digital, Design, Distribution) – Cost savings and resource consolidation – Connections and improvements to existing enterprise content management systems – Improved security, Encryption, Authentication and Digital Signature Workflows- An exponential increase in business efficiency The Office of Management and Budget, DoD and General Services Administration have signed several contracts for executive purchase contracts (EPS) to protect sensitive unclassified data on government laptops, other mobile computing devices and removable data holders. Encryption of data at residual information (DAR) is now possible thanks to these BPAs, which have been successfully conducted with the smartBUY (Software Managed and Acquired on the Right Terms) programs of doDs ESI and GAs government. All products use cryptographic modules that have been validated in accordance with FIPS 140-2 security requirements and have met strict technical and interoperability requirements. Licenses are transferable within a federal agency and include secondary use rights. All award-winning EPS prices are so low or below the prices available by each supplier according to GSA schedules, with significant savings for the federal government. Component CIO`s is currently developing component and service-specific business strategies. As a result, clients should have inquired with their Chief Information Officer about specific policies and strategies for obtaining Data at Rest solutions. Air Force established the Air Force LifeCycle Management Service (SEAMLS) at 754 ELSG. The SEAMLS office serves as the main interface with all Air Force customers for software licenses and services. This office manages Microsoft Enterprise licensing and service agreements, Oracle`s FA-wide contract and the DoD Enterprise Software (ESI) initiative.

With respect to the business licensing agreement, seamls responsibilities include control of purchase, compliance, field assistance and distribution. The goal is to save money, streamline the procurement process, license companies and improve information exchange. Whether you manage forms, digital signatures and document workflows, or if you are an expert in public affairs or design, who needs the best creative tools, this session can give you an overview of the features available through JELA and how you can apply for your licenses. Additional volume-licensed Microsoft products are available through the JELA contract through Insight Public Sector (, including: If you are not currently registered with Adobe JELA and are interested in joining the agreement to take advantage of the large discount, please contact us. Lync Server: Plan implementations to make Lync available locally or in the cloud. SharePoint Server Enterprise: IT Pro and Developer Training 1-15 days Planning orders from the following options, supported by certified partners or Microsoft Consulting Services. Powerful business intelligence and data visualization features and seamless integration with Office. Contract holderSafeNet, Inc. Autonomic Resources SPYRUS, Inc.

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